The members of the faculty include experienced and other dynamic young staffs. A degree in Civil Engineering gives an opportunity to work in diverse establishment like Surveying, Construction areas, highway department,railway, environment, infrastructure also in the exciting field of GIS. The latest version of LAB View, Total Station, and Strength of material Lab, CADD Lab, Concrete & Highway LAB are available. The department is equipped with all modern instruments and teaching aids to enable the students to master the basics in addition to other basic labs in Civil Engineering.


The department association “RACE” is providing an opportunity to the members &other college students to participate International level seminars and develop their presentation skills. It also made a wide platform for young talents to exhibit their various skills such as software coding, ad sap, general knowledge, intellectual games etc. It organizes various guest lectures and workshops by experts from industries.

The dept  has the following laboratories

  1. Strength of materials lab
  2. Concrete and highway Engg lab
  3. Hydraulic engg lab
  4. Soil mechanics lab

Surveying Lab

  1. Engg practices lab
  2. EnvironmentalEngg lab